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  • How does HRx provide human resources services?
    Great question! Our goal is not to entirely replace your HR team, but instead to enhance it! We know YOU will know your team the best. We also know that small companies, or even large companies with small HR departments, are some of the most busiest teams in the company. For that reason, we built our model to come in alongside whoever supports your HR function - and support them! We work alongside them, handling all of the HR Expertise needs, and building all of the processes so that they may be able to deliver the BEST HR experience to their employees!
  • Isn't HR just hiring and firing?
    No! HR supports the people in your organization. This can be either the biggest asset or greatest liability for your team. We believe if you support your team with best practice HR services, you will get the most out of your team. We believe how you treat, develop, mentor and engage with your team will end up showing up in your bottom line profits.... which direction the profits grow (or don't) is up to you!
  • Is it important to stay up to date on current rules and regulations?
    Yes! Things are changing on a daily basis, and the most educated and aware companies will be ready for the changes as they come. We can help navigate that direction with your leaders as things are changing for businesses on both a state and national level.
  • Do I have to like HR?
    Well since we LOVE HR, we can't understand why anyone else wouldn't! But, it is not a requirement. We realize everyone has skills in different areas (again, we are in HR), but since we are incredibly passionate about HR, you can feel secure knowing we are supporting your HR work for your company and have your best interests at heart!
  • What is the benefit for working with HRx Services?
    Simple - MONEY and TIME! Two things we know busy business owners and HR Directors focus on! With our team providing best practice HR support to your team, you can spend your time working on building your business and growing your company!
  • What does it cost me to contract with HRx Services?
    We aren't the cheapest service out there, but we do think you will be pleased with the value you get when working with us. We treat your company, like our company, and your company in our hands means a lot to us. Each client is different, so what level of services you may need will be different as well! Contact us to learn more!
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