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COVID-19 Updates - Benefits-EAP-Unemployment Insurance

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Some new things to know! First - we are working hard on putting together some COVID - 19 updates on webinars we have been hosting with Elevate Virtual Series over this past month. You can find all that information at our YouTube Channel - HR Explained. We have had some great connecting points and some fun guests scheduled with us as well. We recommend reviewing that information when you have an opportunity.

Some other things to consider at this time - Benefit updates and wellbeing options available to your teams. First, let's focus on wellbeing. We have been through some challenges over this past month. Many of the ups and downs reflect the stages f grief, and certainly could be relatable for your own team.

For that reason, its important to understand that now may be a time your team is feeling a need for some support and resources. Remember there are EAP - (Employee Assistance Programs) available, many of which are attached to your benefits programs already. Additionally, to support any need for COVID related treatment, especially when navigating unemployment benefits, our team member, Nicole Herrera shares the following information:

This COVID Special Enrollment period is for Coloradans who are currently uninsured or about to lose coverage due to COVID-19. We’ve had more than 5,500 people enroll already, but we know there are more people out there who need coverage.

Please share this information with your network and community: Coloradans who want to sign up for coverage through Connect for Health Colorado can complete an application online and select a health insurance plan through our website at Our certified brokers, assisters and enrollment centers are all taking phone appointments and our Customer Service Center is available to answer calls. To get help enrolling, point people to our get help page. 

Follow us here in our blog post, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more information and recorded sessions as we continue to provide content and information for our business community.

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