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Being in the know about things that are happening in our world is a KEY activity for the HR Professional and those business owners doing the function of HR for their company. And we aren’t talking about the juiciest gossip from the Oscars, or some celebrity sharing a cup of coffee with another one, or he said/she said talk of the office.  We are talking about what is happening in our world which will influence the world of the workforce.  Being in the know includes understanding the landscape of the workforce of the future, and knowing whether or not your company is dialed into it and ready for changes coming down the road.  It includes knowing what the business goals are, and whether you are performing to expectations, and if not, what does that mean for the organization as a whole.  It is about having a strong professional candor which people have come to expect from you as a person and HR professional, so they feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable things with you - especially when they are necessary conversations around things like workplace misconduct. But, it is also about staying in touch with the political climate of what is happening both at the Federal and the State level, to know what is being discussed in the Legislature and preparing your team for potential changes from that angle.

I realize the political arena is a bit messy, controversial and well, political at the moment.  And while it can be hard to watch the news, or stay in touch with what is happening on a day to day basis, it is nonetheless essential for you to keep in tune with what is happening.  In the state of Colorado, for example, several bills are being discussed by our Legislators that could have a significant impact on the businesses working in Colorado.

While we are by no means advocating one direction or another (we try to remain politically neutral here at HRx, for the most part), we know the impact these bills, if passed, could have on our profession would be significant.  So one way to stay in touch is to pick the mediums, and the media you follow to get your local and national information.  

Here at HRx, we are big supporters of SHRM - Society of Human Resource Management and feel there is timely and relevant information coming from both National SHRM and at the state level specific to HR. There are many opportunities for you to get engaged in what is being discussed at the Capitol. There are advocacy organizations and associations available for organizations to utilize to represent them in the political arena, such as the Colorado Chamber. But the Legislators always appreciate hearing directly from their constituents, and hearing about their personal experiences when it comes to the important matters they discuss. For that reason, HRx testified at the committee hearing for the equal pay for equal work bill. We feel it is important to share our stories, so when legislation is passed, all view points have been considered.

Below are a few sites to help you get started, and to see what legislation around equal pay for equal work, ban the box, and paid leave are being discussed here at the Colorado State level as well what is happening nationally.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, or some of these organizations, please feel free to reach out to us and we will try to connect you to the right people. As we are always looking for reliable, informational resources, let us know which sources you use - and send us a message from our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel (Short Stop HR) or engage with us on social media.  

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