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Wellness is no Passing Fad

Make no mistake about it, wellness and well being is here for the long haul. It isn't something that is a fly-by-night attraction, but something that is long lasting, with lingering results, both good and bad and most often depending on our choices. The concept of wellness encompasses obvious things like our day to day health status and am I sick or not sick (which is what I think we most think of when we think wellness), but covers other factors far beyond that thinking.

Wellness incorporates things like; mental wellness, nutrition, stress, anxiety, physical activity, our brain and learning, and finances to name a few. For most of us those things usually intermix, such as; I have a lot of stress and anxiety, because I am worried about my finances and figuring out when/how I can retire. And when I retire, I want to have good habits in place, so I can maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle for as long as possible. And considering these are things people we employ are thinking about on a daily basis, we as HR professionals should work to incorporate opportunities and programs which help to encourage wellness in the workplace.

For that reason, we have interviewed some key Specialists in these ares on our Short Stop HR YouTube channel. These professionals have provided great tips and tricks that HR can do without needing a giant budget to accomplish. We encourage you to take 10 minutes, grab a cup of coffee and watch what some of these leaders had to say!

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