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Introducing HRx

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

This is Us. We are so excited to be officially launching our business into the world! Our goal is to build business with partners we believe in, and that we know we will have fun working with. Living and working in Northern Colorado is one of the best places to build a career, a family and grow in life.

Starting this business was not based on the need to leave terrible companies, bad experiences or frustrating bosses behind, it was quite the opposite. This gives us a chance to grow in ways we wanted to, and have the chance to be behind the wheel and choose which direction we want to go ... and if we are lucky, to inspire others as we have been inspired by business leaders we have worked with before.

We are lucky to be here in this part of the world and excited for what this next chapter brings!

If you decide to give us a follow - Welcome to the ride!

Amanda and Jeannie

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