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We received information and updates from the CDLE regarding the COHELP (Colorado Health Emergency Leave with Pay) Rules put into place as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic here in Colorado, and the new HFWA (Health Families and Workplaces Act. Due to the overlap between the two rules, the division has stated they are terminating the requirements of the COHELP Rules after July 14th, and since the Governor signed the HFWA with an immediate effective date - that Act will begin started July 15th - or Today!

In addition, the Governor also signed the Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law (PHEW) into law, also with an immediate effective date of July 15th.


Things to note for the guidance regarding the laws are available on the Divisions webpage under the Interpretive Notice & Formal Opinions (INFOs).

There is also a poster which is required to be posted as a notice to workers and is available under the INFOs guidance. We also know the poster will need to be replaced with an updated one starting 1/1/2021, and the Division will provide that information once it is available.

As these are new laws for our state, we will share out updated information and guidance as we have it available, but encourage you to take a look at the guidance provided under the INFOs page.


As always, HRx is here to help and support where you need it! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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