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I-9 Update and Reminder for 5/1/2020

As we continue navigating changes, one thing to note is the the new edition of the Form I-9 is mandatory to be used starting 5/1/2020. While the form is dated 10/21/2019, full use and compliance become mandatory starting May 1. To see what is new with the form check it out: here:

A couple of things to note: Generally, the changes are minor and limited to clarifying or restating information in the instructions. Access the form here:

One big change is in section 3 of the form.  If the form that the employer had did not have this section "reverifying, rehire, or name change" they will need to print page 2 for section 3 and complete and attached to any original, older dated form.

In addition to the new Form I-9 version, there is also an updated version of the M-274 Handbook for Employers.   

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